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Welcome to my Little Bear Blog!
This blog is to inspire all of us to spend quality "fun" time with our children before they get too big and move out of the house. Hopefully you will walk away with a craft, recipe, song, or story you can share with your family, child or friend and if you have one you would like to share with us that would be great!!!
If you would like to post an entry, please contact me-I think it would be great to get ideas from YOU-the more entries we get, the more ideas we have to share with our kiddos.

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May 1, 2007
part 2

Here is part two to my previous entry

what you'll need

permanent marker-sharpies are my favorite
sheet of plastic-(you can use those plastic book report folders with the bright colored plastic on the side)
coloring book
food warmer

trace an image from a coloring book onto a thin sheet of plastic with a fine point permanent marker.

cover the warmer with aluminum foil and then place your plastic sheet on top.
color in your image with crayons

remove from warmer, wait to cool,cut out shape,

i know these are pretty bad pictures, but they look great and are a lot of fun to make.  In a way they remind me of shrinky dinks

you can punch a hole in them and hang them in a window
use as gift tags
hang from a mobile

I would love to see what you end up creating!!!
e-mail me with any questions

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